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Serigraph, Published by Mirage
Edition size: 350 S/N, 75 AP
Paper size: 28" x 36"
Copyright © Dennis Mukai

These are our four Mukai Prints. Ursula and Evening with Julie are our favorites. Two of these were purchased used through people met on the Web.
Another favorite Mukai is Special Friend.

Evening with Julie Candice Kimberley
Evening with Julie
Limited Edition Serigraph
Published June 1, 1991.
Model: Julie Pinson
Edition size: 275 S/N, 25 AP
Paper size: 27" x 36"
Copyright © Dennis Mukai, 1991
Limited Edition Serigraph Poster
Published by Virtu
Model: Candice Phi Phi
Paper size: 24" x 36"
(Mine is signed by artist)
Copyright © Dennis Mukai
Limited Edition Serigraph
Published by Mirage
Model: Kimberley Hefner
Edition size: 390 S/N, 90 AP
Paper size: 28" x 36"
Copyright © Dennis Mukai
Click on an image to see a larger version from
Paul's Unofficial Dennis Mukai Web Page.

D. Mukai / B. Moore
Published by VIRTU
Model: Barbara Moore
Copyright © 1997 Dennis Mukai
My wife and I recently attended a Dennis Mukai exhibit at C&M Gallerie in L.A. on August 14. We met Dennis Mukai and a recent model if his, Playboy Playmate Barbara Moore. Dennis Mukai has recently been working with photography. I purchased this poster of a photograph Dennis took of Ms. Moore, which they both signed.

The show featured much of his work spanning his career. There were several of his previous models in the crowd. We met and spoke with Julie, who was the model in the first Mukai we’d purchased: "Evening with Julie" (above left). She was very personable and cute, but looked NOTHING like the print -- She had short brown hair and brown eyes.

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If you're interested in obtaining some of Dennis Mukai's works, contact Carol Cooper at 213-933-7515 or 800-991-8437.

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