Picasso's Sleeping Woman

Eric paints a Picasso
Here I am scribbling on the wall -- Something I was taught to never do.

Sleeping Woman
Here it is a little closer. It's called "Sleeping Woman," or sometimes "War and Peace."
It's painted directly on the wall with latex paint (impossible paint for this application).
The original was drawn by Pablo Picasso in 1952 (Six years before I was born).

From outside
This is the outside of the house at dusk. If you have
Superman eyes, you can sort-of see it through the window.

I'm not an artist, but can paint if I approach it an engineer, drawing individual lines, and not thinking of the entire image.
Now I work at Stanley London, which makes beautiful solid brass antique nautical reproductions.

Stanley London Brass Sextants
Stanley London Brass Sextants and Nautical Collectibles

Meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block
¡Hola Paco! ¿Qué tal? Come meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block.

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